Bela Collagen + Drinkable – Anti Aging Fairness 5 Drinkable Ampoules Oral Shots

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Product Name: Bela Collagen + Drinkable – Anti Aging Fairness 5 Drinkable Oral Shots

Ingredients: Collagen & Glutathione

Product TypeAmpoules 

Pack Size: 5's

Company: Neutroderm

Used For: Anti Aging, Fairness

Product Detail 

Feed inner beauty every day with BELA COLLAGEN +. This super blend of Collagen & Glutathione nourishes skin core and promotes collagen synthesis for healthy hair, nail, skin, and bones.
Upgrade wellness routine with regular intake of BELA Collagen+ beauty supplement to keep hair shine, skin glow, and nails healthy.

How to use: One drinkable shot in any cup of juice preferable citrus juice once a day. Use continuous of 2-3 moths for better results especially fine lines.