Nurnmir Sunblock SPF-75

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Product Name: Nurnmir Sunblock SPF-75 

Ingredients: Avobenzone (Parsol) , Zinc Oxide Tochopherol
Octylmethoxy , Cinnamate(OMC)

Product TypeSunblock 

Pack Size: 30gram

Company: Idris Pharmaceuticals

Used For: 

  • Protection against UVA+++, UVB and IRA
  • Regular use lightens Hyper-pigmentation and
  • provides radiance and glow to your skin.
  • Prevents wrinkles and delays ageing.
  • Adjuvant therapy in freckles, melasma and acne.

Product Detail 

Nurnmir is a sunblock with skin Lightening Agent, Nurnmir is a Research Product Specifically Formulated For South Asian Skin type. Nurnmir’s SPF 75,100% sure Natural, Steroids free.

How to use: nurnmir is suitable and safe for daily use.
For better protection apply 30 minutes before exposure
to sunlight.
For those who desire fairer skin, it is recommended
to use nurmmir at least 4 times a week especially at night.

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