Diverge C hair spray 3% 60ml

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Product Name: Diverge C hair spray

Ingredients: Capixyl Contains.... (Butylene glycol, water, Dextran, Acetyl tetrapep- tide-3 and Trifolium pretense (clover) flower (extract), Mackaderm LIA, Tinogard Q, Acrobute 60MB-63, Mirasi DMCO, Eumulgin HPS, Fragrance.

Product Type: spray

Pack Size: 60ml

Company: Derm innovative

Used For: Hair loss regrow 

Product Detail 

DIVERGE HAIR SPRAY induces a clear increase in the anagen hair density and provides hair growth. DIVERGE HAIR SPRAY induces a strong reduction in the telogen hair thus stops hair loss. It has an efficient active to decrease alopecia. Enjoy easy combing & detangling. DIVERGE HAIR SPRAY leaves radiant hair as the latest hair treatment. Anti-hair loss & regrowth formula with leave-on convenience for Scalp-treatment.

How to use:

Spray 8 To 10 Puffs Evenly Distributed On Your Cleaned AndDried Scalp, then Message. Use Twice Daily, in the Morning And Evening. Quality of Skin and Hair After 90 Day
Of Being Used.