Acne Plus Face wash 60ml

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Product Name: Acne Plus Face wash 

Product TypeFace wash 

Pack Size: 60ml

Company: Wisdom Therapeutics

Used For: Acnes

Product Detail 

Acne Plus face wash is clinically proven to help cleanse away acne causing bacteria, excess oil and impurities without over drying and irritating skin.

Oil-Free Acne Plus Face Wash is the #1 dermatologist recommended acne-fighting cleanser. This oil-free formula gently cleanses deep down into pores for clear skin. It contains Salicylic Acid to get rid of acne and help prevent future breakouts. Special skin soothers help prevent irritation and over-drying. Skin is left clean, residue-free and oil free.

  • Residue-free
  • Oil-free
  • Non-comedogenic (won't clog pores)