Acnist Acne Face Wash 70ml

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Product Name: Acnist Acne Face Wash 

Ingredients: Oleanolic Acid, Tea Tree Oil, Niacinamide, Mandelic Acid

Product TypeFace Wash 

Pack Size: 70ml

Company: Derma Pride

Used For: Acnes

Product Detail 

Acnist is a face wash for acne suitable for all types of skin It regulates the sebum production while offering you a velvet feel after each wash. It naturally cleanses the skin deeply without disturbing the moisture level Keeps your skin healthy supple and oil free.

How to use: Apply on wet skin and gently massage to make lather Rinse off thoroughly after few minutes Pat dry skin gently Use as a regular face wash Stop application in case of any irritation or allergic reaction and consult your physician immediately.