Aknil Face Wash 100ml

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Product Name: Aknil Face Wash 

Ingredients: Salicylic Acid...0.50%,  Allantion....... 1%, Nicotinamide....... 2%, Thymol................. 0.50%

Product TypeFace Wash 

Pack Size: 100ml

Company: Rayuon Skin & Health Care

Used For: acne

Product Detail 

Rayuon oil free Aknil Face wash is designed to help you fights acne where it starts, while actively reducing the irritation and redness associates with break outs. Aknil face wash is strong yet gentle enough which is soap free non-comedogenic & hypoallergenic. It is made up with some world's latest & finest ingredients like salicylic acid, Pro vitamin B3, Thymol and allantoin. This unique blending create a revolutionary acne treatment cleanser, which will rid the skin of bacteria, remove the dirt and oil from face and penetrate in the pores to kill acne causing bacteria.

How to use: Wet the face with little warm water take the aknil face wash 10ml in your hand and message on the face gently slowly make rich creamy lather stay for 3-5 minutes then wash out thoroughly & pat dry. Use twice daily

Note-If bother some dryness or Peeling occurs reduce application to once daily or once daily for every other day