Alocare Bar 75gm

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Product Name: Alocare Bar 

Ingredients: Pure Alovera Extract, Natural Vitamin E. Olive Oil. Allantoin

Product TypeSoap

Pack Size: 75gm

Company: Careapex

Used For: Glowing and Healthy Skin

Product Detail 

Alocare Bar is  enriched with all sorts of healing ingredients, Naturally, antimicrobial Alovera helps the bacteria responsible for acne breakouts reducing pimples, scars, appearance with skin lightening qualities Deeply nourishing also helps diminish the appearance of wrinkles and other blemishes, Alocare Bar containing enzymes that helps remove dead skin, revealing brighter fresh skin beneath.  

Alocare Bor provides cooling soothing effects specialty in sunburn prickly heat and after procedure.

How to use: Use Alocare Bar to wash face and body, Work out rich lather for at least 1-2 minutes then rinse well and pat dry.