Berdi Sachet

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Product Name:  Berdi Sachet

Ingredients:  Cranberry Extract 25% 144mg, Elderberry Extract 30mg 

Product Type:  Sachet

Pack Size: 10's

Company:  Raute2Health

Used For: Urinary Tract Infection, Strengthens Immune System, Refreshing Taste

Product Detail Berdi is a unique combination of two berries, Cranberry and Elderberry. These are best known for its role in preventing urinary tract infections, especially the recurrent infections. Cranberries help reduce adhesion of certain bacteria to the urinary tract walls and fighting off urinary tract infections. The unique combination of Cranberry and Elderberry contains powerful natural antioxidants, boosting the body’s immune resistance against infectious agents, preventing, or delaying the chronic diseases associated with free radicals. Both Cranberry and Elderberry are good source of fibre. Studies suggest fibre intake is associated with significantly lower risk of developing gastrointestinal diseases and improving bowel function

How to use:  1 Sachet twice a day or as advised by the doctor. 

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