Betagent Cream 15gram

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Product Name: Betagent Cream 15gram

Ingredients: Betamethasone as dipropionate B.P 0.05% w/w & Gentamycin as Sulphate B.P 0.01% w/w

Product TypeCream 

Pack Size: 15gram

Company: Valor Pharma

Product Detail 

INDICATIONS: Infected inflammatory and allergic skin conditions.

Use on acne, Peri oral, dermatitis, scabies, leg ulcers, tuberculous, ringworm or viral skin disease infection, Extensive or Pro-longed use in pregnancy continuous prophylactic use.

PRECAUTIONS: Limit use in children or on face to max. 5 days. In infants napkins and plastic panties may act as occlusive. Withdraw gradually following prolonged therapy.

ADVERS EFFECTS: Cushingold changes and adrenal suppression. Skin atrophy, striae and telagiectasia. Velus hair growth.

How to use: Apply three or four times daily.