Betaval Lotion 60ml

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Product Name: Betaval Lotion 60ml

Ingredients: Betamethasone as valerate B.P 0.1% w/w

Product TypeLotion 

Pack Size: 60ml

Company: Valor Pharma

Product Detail 

INDICATIONS: Indicated for treatment of following conditions where secondary bacterial infection is present, suspected or likely to occur. Eczema, psoriasis, neurodermatoses, seberrhoeic dermatitis, contact sensitivity and insect bite reactions, prickly heat, and genital intertrigo and otitis externa.

DOSAGE & ADMINISTRATION: A small quantity should be applied to affected area 2-3 times daily until improvement occurs. Thereafter once a day application may suffice.

CONTRA-INDICATIONS: Hypersensitivity to any ingredient. Rosacea, acne vulgaris, perioral dermatitis, perianal and genital pruritus, primary skin infections caused by viruses fungi, bacteria or yeasts. It should not be used in secondary infections due to pseudomonas or proteus species. In child below one year including dermatitis & napkin eruptions.

PRECAUTIONS & WARNING: Long term therapy should be avoided particularly in infants and children as adrenal suppression may occur. Care should be taken so that the preparation does not enter the eyes as glaucome may result. If infection persists, systemic therapy is required.

ADVERSE-EFFECTS: Local atrophic changes e.g. thinning, striae and dilatation of superficial blood vessels, pigmentation and hypertrichosis may occur.

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