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Product Type:  Shampoo

Pack Size:  360ml

Company:  Asra Derm

Used For:  hair loss, and helps with hair growth and thickening. 

Product Detail  Ever felt like your hair could use a touch of something as natural and robust as garlic  Yes, garlic! Believe it or not, this culinary staple is not only good for warding off vampires but is a powerhouse for your hair. Did you know that garlic has been used for centuries for hair nourishment? It's no joke; the ancient Egyptians even utilized it for strengthening hair. Introducing the Garlic Shampoo from Bioblas, a secret ingredient for the hair you've always wanted.
Bioblas has revolutionized the way we care for our hair by infusing the renowned quality and benefits of garlic into an odorless garlic shampoo for women and men. Committed to excellence, our brand ensures premium materials and production methods, making a natural shampoo that's both natural and luxurious. What's more, our herbal shampoo is dermatologically backed, providing care from root to tip, for all hair types. This garlic-infused hydrating shampoo is not just a novelty; it's a hair care solution that offers genuine benefits. Without the pungent smell, it fights hair loss and thinning, enhancing thickness and shine. The scalp shampoo also unblocks and deep-cleans the pores to help with new hair growth and adds vitality to normal hair, even if treated chemically.

How to use:  Apply and rinse the entire wet hair, especially from the root, by foaming to the tip. Repeat as your hair needs