Blow Serum 20ml

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Product Name: Blow Serum 

Ingredients: Aqua ,glycerine, arginine, butylene glycol, allantoin, niacinamide, allantoin, sodium benzoate ,phenoxyethanol

Product TypeSerum 

Pack Size: 20ml

Company: Wisdom Therapetics

Used For: Melasma, Freckles, Age Spots, Wrinkles, Post-Inflammatory Hyper Pigmentation.

Product Detail 

The simplest way to revive dull, lackluster skin is by using a gloss brightening serum. "They're designed to help even out skin tone, lighten or fade dark spots, gently exfoliate, and often act as antioxidants to prevent future damage,

While serums are no doubt nourishing and weed out many skin problems at the root, they also come with visible benefits and perks.

  • Your skin texture will Improve drastically thanks to the collagen and Vitamin C content, becoming firmer and smoother, leading to visibly younger-looking skin.
  • There will be lesser spots, scars, pimples and other marks, as they start lightening with regular use of a serum, particularly one with plant concentrates being used. This is done in a holistic manner, without the use of harmful peels and chemicals.
  • You'll see a reduction in the size of open pores, which in turn give rise to lesser blackheads and whiteheads.
  • Under-eye serums also have visible benefits, with the reduction of dryness, dark circles, and fine lines. They are an Instant pick-me-up for brighter eyes.
  • With the use of serums, there will be lesser inflammation, redness, and dryness instead, the skin will look dewy fresh and moisturized.

How to use: Before Applying Blow Serum wash your face with good Face Wash and apply Blow Serum on your face and leave it for the whole night..