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Product Name:  Caldoz Tabelt

Ingredients: Calcium + Vitamin D3. Manganese & Zinc

Product Type:  Tabelt

Pack Size: 20's

Company: Selco Pharma

Used For: Supporting immune function,  Supports Bones & Teeth

Product Detail  

Caldoz ensure the development & maintenance of healthy bones. Maintains normal blood pressure & blood clotting. Caldoz is the best known for its effects on calcium metabolism as it contain Vitamin D3. Proper levels of Vitamin D3 is necessary to maintain bone mineral density & serum (blood) calcium levels.Caldoz contain Manganese which help in supporting immune function, bone growth and other metabolic processes. Caldoz provide Zinc which is an amazing combination of nutrients to build strong more powerful bone support. 

How to use:  Take 1-2 tablets daily with meal, swallow with a glass of water or milk. Do not exceed the recommended intake, or as advised by  the physician.