Clobetol Cream 15gm

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Product Name: Clobetol Cream 15gm

Ingredients: Clobetol Propionate USP 0.05% w/w

Product TypeCream 

Pack Size: 15gram

Company: Valor Pharma

Product Detail 

INDICATIONS: Psoriasis (except widespread plaque psoriasis), recalcitrant eczemas, lichen planus, discoid lupus erythematosus.

DOSAGE & ADMINISTRATION: Apply sparingly to the affected area once or twice daily. Treatment should not be continued for more than 4 weeks without the condition of the patient being reviewed.

CONTRA-INDICATIONS: Hypersensitivity to any ingredient. Rosacea, acne vulgaris, perioral dermatitis, perianal and genital pruritus, primary skin infections caused by viruses, fungi or bacteria.

PRECAUTION & WARNINGS: Long term therapy should be avoided particularly in infants and children as adrenal suppression may occur. Care should be taken so that the preparation does not enter the eyes as glaucoma may result. Prolonged application on the face should be avoided.

SIDE EFFECTS: Local atrophic changes, e.g. thinning, striae and dilatation of superficial blood vessels pigmentation, hypertrichosis. As with other corticosteroids hypercorticism may occur with prolonged use.