Cosmelan Skin Brightening Bar 100g

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Product Name: Cosmelan Skin Brightening Bar 100gram

Ingredients: Sodium Lactate, Glycolic Acid, Sodium Palmate, Sodium Kemelate, Water, Fragrance, Gycerine, EDTA, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Hydroxide.

Product Type: Bar 

Pack Size: 100gram

Company: Trans Asian Pharmaceuticals

Used For: Brightening , Whitening

Product Detail 

Cosmelan Skin Brightening Bar helps even skin discoloration and clear blemishes. This special formulation effectively lightens the skin and delicately cleanses and nourishes your complexion to a healthy, elegant glow our soup has no bleach no hydroquinone & no such chemical which are know to be harmful to the skin.

How to use: Wet skin work soap into lather apply & massage gently to skin for at least 20 seconds rinse thoroughly can be used us daily facial and body cleanser.