Crandel Chewable Tablets

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Product Name: Crandel Chewable Tablets

Ingredients: Calcium, Vitamin D3, Magnesium & Vitamin MK7

Product TypeTablets

Pack Size: 30's

Company: Nutrabiotics Life Science

Used For: Healthy Bones

Product Detail 

Crandel is best known for its effects on calcium metabolism as it contains Vitamin D3. Proper levels of Vitamin D3 is necessary to maintain bone mineral density & serum (blood) calcium levels. Calcium is a mineral that is an essential part of bones and teeth. The heart, nerves and blood-clotting systems also need calcium to work. Calcium is used for treatment and prevention of low calcium levels and resulting bone conditions including osteoporosis, rickets and osteomalacia.

Crandel ensure the development & maintenance of healthy bones. Maintains normal blood pressure & blood clotting.

Crandel helps to maintain bone density in the young and also minimizes bone loss as age increases. Along with regular exercise and a healthy diet, adequate calcium and vitamin D intake throughout life may reduce the risk of osteoporosis, osteomalacia, osteopenia.

How to use: Chew 1-2 tablets daily or as directed by the physician.