Cystone Syrup

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Product Name:  Cystone Syrup

Ingredients:  Tribulus terrestris 91mg, Boerhaavia diffusa 67mg, Saxifraga ligulatae 53mg, Cyperus rotundus 42mg, Dolichos biflorus 21mg, Asparagus racemosus 21mg, Vetiveria zizanioides 21mg, Trikatu 20mg,  Curcuma zedoaria 14mg 

Product Type:  Syrup

Pack Size: 100ml

Company: Raute2Health

Used For: reduce kidney stone, Expels Urinary Stones, Urinary Tract, UTIs

Product Detail Cystone is a natural supplement that helps prevent kidney stone formation and recurrence while aiding in breaking and expelling them from the urinary system. With its stone-breaking properties, it not only helps in preventing painful surgeries but also ensures a healthy urinary system.

How to use: Cystone Syrup: Chilren: ½ to 1 teaspoonful twice a day. Adults: 2 teaspoonfuls twice a day