Daisy Vit-E Bar 90g

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Product Name: DaisyVit-E Bar 90g

Ingredients: Vitamin-E

Product TypeBar/Soap

Pack Size: 90gram

Company: Rafaq Cos.ceuticals

Used For: Skin Nourishing

Product Detail 

Daisy Vit-EBAR Is a pure Vitamin-E Bar for delicate and Sensitive Skin. Formulated & recommended in the Damaged Skin. Excellent Skin Healer and is best suited for Skin at risk with ordinary Soap. Mild Skin caring ingredients and natural Vitamin-E Nourishes the Skin. It is a Skin Immune Booster & its Cutical Restore Technology is suitable for adults & children. For more detail contact with Medishop.

How to use: Use in place of ordinary soap. Use DaisyVit-E twice a day or as recommended by your doctor. Using Luke warm water, massage rich creamy lather into skin with fingers and rinse. Pat dry-do not rub vigorously, as DaisyVit-E leaves a very thin film of Vitamin-E on the skin.

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