Dermitar Anti Dandruff Shampoo 150ml

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Product Name: Dermitar Anti Dandruff Shampoo

Ingredients: wood tar 1.50%

Product TypeShampoo

Pack Size: 150ml

Company: Rayun Skin & Health Care

Used For: Dandruff, Eczema, Psoriasis

Product Detail 

Dermitar shampoo with conditioner. NOURISH DANDRUFF CONTROL Shampoo Indulge in clean, silky healthy leaking hair that's soft to the touch. This nourishing shampoo does much more just treat dandruff-it actually restores the health of both hair and scalp This Shampoo works quickly to soothe moisturize dry, itchy scalp to help control the symptoms of dandruff, white also nourishing damaged hair back to healthy life .

How to use: Apply 5-10 ml of shampoo on wet hair for up to 3-5 minutes & keep massage during the stay rinse the hair and scalp thoroughly.