Deruff Medicated Shampoo With Conditioner

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Product Name:  Deruff Medicated Shampoo With Conditioner

Ingredients:  Biotin, Zinc Pyrithione, Coal Tar Selenium Sulphide 

Product Type:  Shampoo

Pack Size: 120ml

Company:  Tulip Health Care

Used For: Flaking & Itching, Dandruff, Anti Hair Loss 

Product Detail   

FIGHT Dandruff SOOTHE scalp MOISTURIZE tresses Everyone loves healthy manageable gorgeous hair NO ONE LIKE A FAKE Give dandruff the brush off. Join forces with nature's flake blasted Take back beautiful hair This mighty shampoo thoroughly cleanses hair and restores scalp health without zapping vital-moisture DERUFF is vitamin-enriched for healthy, good-looking hair Built in conditioner provides the shine to your hair, you would expect from a separate conditioner