Emunex Capsules

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Product Name: Emunex Capsules

Ingredients: Vitamin B1 30 mg, Vitamin B2 30 mg, Vitamin B3 100 mg, Vitamin B5 46 mg, Vitamin B6 20 mg, Vitamin B12 20 mcg, Vitamin C 1500 mg, Vitamin D 800 IU, Biotin 300 mcg, Quatrefolic Acid 400 mcg, Selenium 1 mg, Calcium 10 mg, Magnesium 10 mg, Zinc 10 mg, Curcumin Extract equivalent to Curcumin 100 mg, Licorice extract equivalent to Licorice 100 mg

Product TypeCapsules

Pack Size: 20's

Company: Wilshire Lab

Used For: Immunity Booster

How to use: 2 Capsules Daily or as directed by the physician.