Fasmc Professional Extreme Fat Burner Body Slimming Gel Lotion Cream Anti-Cellulite Wrap

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A new formula for burning and break down vast subcutaneous fats, promotes skin metabolism, rapidly decomposes excess fat and excrete in body. It helps to accelerate the circulation system, to drain the excess water molecules, waste and fat.It also can act as skin care to make ur body smoother and more elastic,especially for the abdomen, waist, hips, forearms and legs by smoothes, moisturises and firming the skin restoring its proper fitness.

  • Slimming effect confirmed by most of the women 
  • Improving waist shape 
  • Modelling and firming your body
  • Intensely smoothes and moisturises the skin by restoring its proper fitness.

Cream is specially formulated to reduce the volume of the abdomen, Legs & Thigh, thanks to its natural composition, it reduces the amount subcutaneous fat & as a result eliminate. Contains red pepper extract to increase blood circulation, Ginseng extract restores metabolism, while Vitamin E & Collagen restore elasticity. Slim Extreme Anti Cellulite cream reduces the amount of fat in the areas where fat accumulated & gives shape to the whole body.

How to use:

1. Simply use it as a body cream. After bath or shower, squeeze a small amount over at your palm. 2.Massage in circular motion at the target areas that you want to slim down until it absorb, .You'll feel hot after that. 3.Apply day & night and consecutive days for the best result. (Result varies on differrent person) 4.Rinse your hand thoroughly after applying the gel.