Glimour Glutathion Brightening & whitening Face Wash

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Product Name:  Glimour Glutathion Brightening & whitening Face Wash

Ingredients:  Glutathion

Product Type:  Face Wash

Pack Size: 120ml

Company:  Montis Pvt Ltd

Used For: Brightening & whitening

Product Detail  Face wash helps to restore a young look, makes the skin healthy and bright and gets rid on uneven color and pigmentation, Applying glimour face wash directly into our skin helps stop melonin (dark pigments) from producing. when your body stops producing dark pigments, then your skin will get lighter. the more melanin you have in your body darker you are. Therfore if you're 3 using Glimour face wash on face, you will eventually achieve a lighter and flaw less skin tone.