Gluta Care Capsules

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Product Name:  Gluta Care Capsules 

Ingredients: Gluathione 500mg

Product Type:  Capsules 

Pack Size: 20's

Company: Stiflex Pharmaceutical

Used For:  Whitening

Product Detail  Gluta Care containing top notch quality ingredient as Glutathione that thus exist naturally in human body reduces the level of melanin naturally. Its uniquely potent anti-oxidant ability defends the skin against hazardous effects of free radicals leaving it supple younger and youthful. Gluta Care when taken orally sustains more bioavailability to help you fight the signs of pre-mature aging and with regular use it would bring back the glow that will shine radiantly on your skin

How to use:   Protect from direct sun light, moisture and excessive heat. Keep out the reach of children.

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