Gluzic L-Glutathione Tablets

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Product Name:  Gluzic L-Glutathione Tablets

Ingredients:  L-glutathione 500mg, cysteine 120mg, Amino acid 180mg , Glycine 200mg, Vitamin C 100mg, Lipoicin 50mg, Grape seed Extract 50mg, Collagen 50mg , and Pine bark extract 50mg.,

Product Type:  Tablets

Pack Size: 30's 

Company:  Crystolite Pharmaceuticals

Used For: Whitening, Anti Aging, Anti Oxident, Skin Hydration

Product Detail  GluZic whitening tablet improves all over health, L-Glutathione is master antioxidant because of its ability to prevent damage caused by free radicals. L-Glutathione nourish your skin deeply make it healthier & younger. It also gives smooth & soft skin.

How to use:  Take 1 or 2 tablets preferably after meals daily or as suggested by your physician.