Hairgain Hair Spray

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Product Name:  Hairgain Hair Spray 95%

Ingredients:  Capixyl contains.... (Butylene glycol, water, Dextran, Acetyl tetrapeptide-3 and Trifolium Pratense (clover) flower extract, Mackaderm LIA, Tinogard Q. Acrobute 60MB-63, Mirasil DMCO, Eumulgin HPS and Fragrance

Product TypeSpray

Pack Size: 100ml

Company:  Fablous Pharma

Used For:  Anti Hair Loss & Regrowth, Scalp, Hair Treatment 

Product Detail  Capixyl induces a clear increase in the anagen hair Density Hair
Growth - Capixyl induces a strong reduction in the telogen hair Stops Hair Loss. Efficient active to decrease alopecia. Easy combing & detangling. Leaves the consumer with radiant hair. Hair treatment. Anti-hair loss & regrowth. Leave-on. Scalp-treatment

How to use: Spray 8 to 10 puffs evenly distributed on your cleaned and dried scalp then massage and style. Reegain spray is a leave-on conditioner so it is not necessary to wash hair after application. Use twice daily, at morning and evening. For more effective results wash your hair with Reegain

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