Herbion DermiDoc Anti Acne Cream

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Product Name:  Herbion Dermi Doc Anti Acne Cream

Product Type:  Cream

Pack Size: 25gm

Company:  Herbion Pharma

Used For:  Acne Minor skin inflammations

Product Detail  DermiDoc is highly effective for young males and females who are usually confronted with problems of mild to moderate acne. It acts on both, scars and acne, without leaving any side-effects due to its natural formula. Excellent cleansing, antiseptic, and stimulating agent. Leaves the skin feeling toned and refreshed. Helps to remove scars.

How to use:   Apply DermiDoc Anti-Acne Cream to the affected areas with clean hands. Use DermiDoc Anti-Acne cream 2-3 times a day on the affected areas. In severe acne cases, the application can be safely increased up to 4 times a day.