Hitone Whitening Face Wash 125ml

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Product name: Hitone whitening Face Wash

Ingredients: Actipone Bengkoang (249497) (Pachyrrhizus erosus root extract)

Actipone Bengkoang is an extract obtained from plant Pachyrrhizus erosus. It contains isoflavonoids which show excellent antioxidant and tyrosinase inhibitory activities. Hence Actipone Bengkoang acts as an antioxidant & tyrosinase inhibitor and offers skin brightening, lightening and smoothing properties.

Product type: Face wash

Pack size: 125ml

Company: By Crystolite

Used for: Whitening

Product Detail 

Hitone Whitening Face Wash is especially formulated with innovative ingredients to help improve skin tone, texture and clarity. It lifts away dirt, oil and makeup leaving your skin looking luminous.

Hitone Whitening Face wash thoroughly cleanses and purifies the skin, while reducing blernishes and pigmentation and making the skin fair.

Hitone Whitening Face Wash has been developed with components known for their skin whitening efficacy & high skin tolerance.

Hitone Whitening Face Wash is suitable for all skin types.

How to use: Apply on wet skin of face. Gently massage the foam on the skin and then rinse off with water. Use twice per day or as directed by your physician.