Hyper Vision Syrup 120ml

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Product Name: Hyper Vision Syrup 120ml Sugar Free

Ingredients: Lutein 10mg, Zeaxanthin 2mg, Ginkgo Biloba 120mg, Ginseng 200mg, Vitamin A 10mg, Vitamin B2 1.4mg, Vitamin C 125mg, Vitamin D 10ug, Vitamin E 5mg, Niacin 10mg, Copper 1mg, Magnesium 10mg, Selenium 55ug, Zinc 15mg.

Product TypeSyrup 

Pack Size: 120ml 

Company: Top Hill Pharma

INDICATIONS: Hyper Vision Is indicated for.

  • Diabetic Retinopathy
  • Prevention of AMD and cataracts.
  • Pre and post-surgical patients for better healing.
  • Daily nutritional supplement.

Product Detail 

Hyper Vision Is the single best source of nutritional support for your eyes.

Hyper Vision Formula contains 14 vitamins, mineral, and herbal supplements that are essential to the healthy vision. These nutrients are of the premier quality which your eyes really need. Hyper Vision Gives your eyes the balanced approach towards healthier vision with the best quality ingredients.

How to use: The recommended dosage of Hyper Vision is 1 tablespoon once a day or as directed by the physician.