Lice-o-Mite Cream 30gram

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Product Name: Lice-o-Mite Cream 

Ingredients: Permethrin B.P 5% w/w

Product TypeCream 

Pack Size: 30gram

Company: Valor Pharma

Used For: Scabies

Dosage And Administration: Adults & children over 12 years: Up to 1 tube. Children: aged 5-12 years: up to % of a tube, 1-5 years: %% of a tube & 2 months-1 year: 1/8 of a tube. Few adults may need more than one tube. Maximum amount is limited up to two tubes (60gms of cream). Ensure That the skin is clean, dry and cool. Apply Lice-o-Mite cream into the skin over the whole body excluding head in adults (including the face, the neck, scalp and ears in children & the elderly); paying special attention to areas between finger, toes, wrists, axillae, thighs, external genitalia and buttocks. Care must be taken to avoid applying Lice-o-Mite Cream to areas close to the eyes and in the vicinity of mouth where it would be licked off. 

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