Liplex 20-Gram Cream

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Product Name: Liplex 20-Gram Cream

Ingredients: Rosemery Extact, Green Tea Extract, Pomegranate Extract, Lanoline, Shea Butter, Castor Oil, Avacado Oil, Almond Oil, Licorice Extract

Product TypeCream

Pack Size: 20Gram

Company: Derm Care

Used For: Pink & Shiny Lips

Product Detail 

If you suffer from embrassing dark or discolored lips or nipples, You are not alone. Liplex Skin Solutions for lips & Nipples is the ultimate product for safely and effectively reducing the appearance of dark discolorations of these sensitive areas. Unlike cheap drug store skin lighteners or bogus imitators, our spacially formulated product is very gentle and does not contain any potentially harmfull or irritating chemicals such as Kojic Acid, Hydroquinane or Mercury. Who would put that on a sensitive areal Packaged in a conveneint & easy aplication. Our unique formula gives “pink glow” with each application to brighten your lips and nipples.
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