Low Scab Hypo-Allergenic Soap 75gm

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Product Name: Low Scab Hypo-Allergenic Soap 

Product TypeSoap 

Pack Size: 75gram

Company: Stiflex Pakistan

Used For: Scabies & Pediculosis

Product Detail 

Ordinary Soaps in market may contain, color, perfume and other irritants which can harm skin, while Low Scab soap doesn't contains any aromatic material thus effectively wash problematic skin conditions without harm.

Low Scab soap is a Hypo-Allergenic and non-medicated soap, with less moisturizer and dry in nature. Ideal for cleansing of scabies and pediculosis.

Low Scab soap: Contains hypo allergenic surfactant blend with less oils and glycerin. Not intending to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease.