Mandy Mandelic Acid Serum 20ml

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Product Name: Mandy Mandelic Acid Serum 

Ingredients: Mandelic acid 20%, 2% Hyaluronic acid, Aloevera, glycerine, Propylene glycol

Product TypeSerum 

Pack Size: 20ml

Company: Wisdom Therapeutics

Used For: Dark age spot corrector, Natural skin Lightner,  Improves complexion

Product Detail 

Balance and hydrate troubled skin. This lightweight, fast absorbing gel is formulated with Tea tree oil to help reduce congestion and encourage a healthy- looking complexion.

The primary ingredients of this serum are Mandelic Acid and Hyaluronic acid, which create a highly effective anti-acne serum, noticeably reducing breakouts. Balance and hydrate your skin with Mandy to easily improve your complexion.

How to use: After cleansing apply 2-4 drops of serum on face sparingly. Massage on skin in circular motion. Preferable use at night For all skin types.

May be used every night or as needed. Before bed (after cleansing and toning), apply a thin layer on troubled areas. Do not apply to eye area. If product gets in to eyes, rinse well with water.