Melano Cream 25gm

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Product Name: Melano Cream 25gram

Ingredients: Alpha Tocopherol , Ascorbic Acid, Glyceryl Stearate , Propylene Glycol, Cetostearyl Alcohol, Paraffimum Liquidum, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, Methylparaben.

Product Type: Cream 

Pack Size: 25gram

Company: Maxitech pharma

Used For:  Skin lightening or skin brightening

Product Detail

Take an adequate quantity of Melano Cream that completely covers the face and affected area, spread it
gently and thoroughly until absorbed. Apply twice daily once in the morning and once at bedtime. Use of a good sunscreen during day time is recommended. Buy Skin Care Medicine, Vitamins, Healthcare and Personal Care from the best online Pakistan Store

  • Skin lightening or skin brightening
  • Reducing a pigment called melanin in the skin
  • Treat skin problems such as age spots, acne scars

How to use: After cleansing the skin apply a sufficient quantity of Melano to the desired area once or twice a daily. Regular use improves skin tone, texture, and appearance.

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