Mirth Capsules

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Product Name:  Mirth Capsules

Ingredients:  Pausinystalia yohimbe  75mg, Sida cordifolia 75mg,  Tribulus terrestris 250mg, Withania somnifera 200mg, Chrysanthemum indicum 75mg, Crocus sativus 15mg, Asparagus adscendens 20mg , Amomum subulatum 25mg,  Orchis latifolia 100mg,  Asphaltum punjabianum 20mg

Product Type:  Capsules

Pack Size: 10's

Used For: increases male desire, stamina, and performance. strengthening of neurological and muscular tissues Remove Fatigues & weakness 

Company: Belle Vie

Product Detail  

Mirth Capsules are an all-natural herbal supplement for men’s health. According to scientific evidence, the solution provides the nutrients that men need daily. Pausinystalia yohimbe, Tribulus Terrestris, Withania somnifera, Chrysanthemum indicum, Orchis latifolia, Sida cordifolia, and Crocus sativus are the fundamental constituents. It helps to increase stamina and vitality. The blend also enhances men’s musculoskeletal and nervous systems, lowering fatigue and weakness regularly. It also improves sexual energy, sex drive, and erection power and addresses erectile dysfunction in males.

How to use:  You should take two capsules daily. Recommend a capsule after each meal

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