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Product Name: Multi-V Tablet

Ingredients: Vitamin A (8P), Thiamine Vitamin B1 , Vitamin B2 (8P), Vitamin B6 (BP)
Vitamin B12 (BP), Vitamin C (BP), Nicotinamide (USP), Calcium Carbonate (BP) 200 mg  Folic Acid (USP)400 mcg

Product TypeTablet

Pack Size: 20's

Company: Beckett Pharma

Product Detail 

Multi-V is indicated for Vitamin Deficiencies caused by fees, pregnancy poor nutrition, digestive disorders and many other condition general orbit stress, aging, muscle weakness, Loss of Immunity, Liver Damage, Loss of Libido. For more detail contact with Medishop.

How to use: 1-2 Tablets daily or as advised by the physician.