Neutroton Ginseng-Plus Tablets

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Product Name: Neutroton Ginseng-Plus Tablets

Ingredients: Standardized Ginseng extract (Panax ginseng) 40.0mg, Dimethylaminoethanol bitartrate 26.0 mg, Vitamin A 4000 I.U, Vitamin B1 2.0mg, Vitamin B2 2.0 mg, Vitamin B61.0mg, Vitamin B12 60.0mg,Vitamin C 1.0 mcg, Vitamin D 400 I>U, Vitamin E 10.0mg, Nicotinamide 15.0mg, Calcium pantothenate 10.0mg, Rutine 20.0 mg, Iron 10.0mg, Calcium 90.3 mg, Phosphorus 60.0 mg, Fluorine 0.2mg, Copper 1.0mg, Potassium 8.0mg, Manganese 1.0mg,  Zinc 1.0mg,  Lecithin 60.0mg, 

Lactose, corn starch, Pvp K30, magnesium stearate, primojel

Product Type: tablets

Pack Size: 20s

Company: Hi-Nutrition

Product detail

A combination of active agents to restore the optimal physical and mental prformance.

How to use: 1 tablet daily or as advised by your qualified healthcare practitioner.