NoAge Anti aging Serum 30ml

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Product Name: NoAge Anti aging Serum 

Ingredients: Resveratrol... 5mg,  Hyaluronic acid..... 7mg, Topical collagen.....1mg Ascorbic acid......... 50mg

Product TypeSerum 

Pack Size: 30ml

Company: Himont Laboratories

Used For: All Signs of aging including Wrinkles, Fine lines, Sagging, Dark circles, Dark spots, Dry, Rough and Dull Complexion, Enlarged pores, Lentigines and Depigmentation

Recommended the serum to be use before bed on forehead, cheeks, jaws and neck or as directed by skin consultant. It can plump and visibly smooth skin while reducing fine lines & wrinkles. It's also a great source of intense hydration & highly recommended by dermatologists. Avoid contact with eyes, Discontinue use and consult your physician if excessive irritation Occurs.