Oliderm Vitamin Soap

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Product Name: Oliderm Vitamin Soap

Ingredients: Vitamin A 0.15%, Vitamin E 1.00%, Vitamin B5 2.00%, Aloe Vare 2.00%, lanolin 0.75%, EDTA, Talcum, Titaniumdioxide

Product TypeSoap

Company: Rayuon Skin & Health Care

Used For: Dry Skin Condition

Product Detail 

Oliderm Soap locks water in to the skin, and holds it there. Corrects dehydration by targeting its source. It increase the moisture reserves of your skin dramatically by upto 50% even under the most extreme conditions. Oliderm Soap provides skin care of dry, itchy or flaky skin which promises for an excellent emollient effect, leaving your skin's feeling smooth, supple & soft. Another important feature is that Oliderm Soap also provides the extra advantages of fat soluble Vitamins.