Onsis Nail Paint Lotion 20ml

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Product Name: Onsis Nail Paint 

Ingredients: Piroctone Olamine, Urea, Salicylic Acid in a solution

Product Type: Lotion 

Pack Size: 20ml

Company: Crystolite Pharmaceuticals

Used For: Nails

Product Detail 

Onsis Nail Paint is unique product that overturns the existing time limits for the treatment of onychomycosis. Onsis gives visible results even from the early days of application and reduces the time to cure onychomycosis to it's half.

• Softens the Nail
• Acts Keratinolytic
• Anti Fungal

How to use: Onsis is applied to affected nail like nail polish (After scraping nail upper surface with a nail file). After 4-5 minutes a film appears and it is slowly absorbed by the nail. Recommended to be applied every evening, before bedtime.

1. Rasp the nail with nail filler.
2. Apply Onsis Nail Paint on the nail with the brush.
3. Use daily at bed time.

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