OnychoNil Nail Paint Lotion 20ml

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Product Name: OnychoNil Nail Paint 20ml

Ingredients: Urea , Salicylic Acid , Piroctone Olamine, in a solution.

Product TypeLotion

Pack Size: 20ml

Company: Jenpharm Life Sciences

Used For: Softens the Nail, Acts Keratinolytic, Anti Fungal

How to use: OnvchoNil is applied to affected nail like nail polish (after scraping nail upper surface with a nail file).
After 4-5 minutes a film appears and it is slowly absorbed by the nail Recommend to be applied every evening, before bedtime

Instruction For Use: 

1. Rasp the nail with nail filer.
2. Apply OnychoNil Nail Paint on the nail with the brush.
3. Use daily at bed time.