Parasol SPF 60 Cream 60gm

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Product Name: Parasol SPF 60 Cream

Ingredients: octyl methoxycinnamate,4 methylbenzylidene, butyl 1 methoxydibenzoylmethane, octocrylene. With Citrus Fruit Extract as vitamin c

Product TypeCream

Pack Size: 60gm

Company: Eva Derm Pharma

Used For: Sun Protection

Product Detail 

Prevention Of Skin Damage From Harmful Effects Of Sun Rays Eg. Sun Bum, Tanning. Melasma, Cloasma, Freckles, Pre-mature Aging & Skin Cancers.

How to use: Pe Should Be Applied Gently About Half An Hour Before Sun Exposure. A Second Application May Be Required After Swimming.

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