Pickel Haut Bar 90gm

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Product Name: Pickel Haut Bar 90gm

Ingredients: Benzoyl peroxide

Product TypeSoap/Bar

Pack Size: 90gram

Company: Anmol Health Care

Used For: Pimples and Excess Sebum

Product Detail 

Pickel Haut Bar clears existing pimple, Blemishes and also prevents the formation of new pimple, Black heads and white heads. very effective for the management of pimple & oily skin.

Note: This is a Non-Medicated personal care product. Therefore, does not fall under medicated cosmetic category.

Caution: It is very safe for the all types of skin but in case of any skin problem discontinue the use.

How to use: Using warm water, create rich lather onto the skin rinse with fresh water and pat dry. Use one to two times daily or as offen as necessary.