Prederm hypoallergenic Emollient 100gm

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Product Name: Prederm hypoallergenic Emollient 

Ingredients: Glycerine 2.00%, Isopropyl myristate 1.50%, Dimethicon 1.00%, Aloe Vera 3.00% and tocopherolacetate 0.50%

Product TypeEmollient 

Pack Size: 100gram

Company: Rayuon Skin & health care

Product Detail 

For all types of dry skin problems specially for xerosis whether acquired and or conginental. Skin disorders characterized by dryness of skin like eczema, psoriasis and ichtyosis.
In combination with potent steroids to only for local application to avoid systemic side effects of steroids when the area of application is larger.

How to use: Apply twice daily or as directed by physician.

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