Radiant Skin Cream 30gm Tripple Action

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Product Name: Radiant Skin Cream 30gm

Ingredients: MAP, Alpha, Arbutin And Licorice 

Product TypeCream 

Pack Size: 30gram

Company: Asra Derm

Used For: Whitening 

Product Detail

Radiant Skin CREAM

Radiant Skin:

is triple action skin whitening cream. A rich formula which gives a special treatment to brighten your skin & increases skin tone. Reduces oxidation of free radicals and slows down the melanin production.

Radiant Skin:

easily absorbs into the skin & provides smooth bright & spotless look. Natural extract provides moisture which balances your skin tone & complexion, while protecting from sunlight & pollution. Your skin becomes smooth, fresh &

gives brighter look Radiant Skin:

visibly reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles, also diminishes the appearance of age spots.

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