Ray-Ban Forte SPF 60 Lotion 60ml

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Product Name: Ray-Ban Forte SPF 60 Lotion 

Ingredients: Benzophenone 3,titanium dioxide,zinc oxide ,parsol,methoxycinnamate,tocopheryl acetate

Product TypeLotion 

Pack Size: 60ml

Company: Wisdom Therapeutics

Used For: Sun Protection

Product Detail 

  • Shield’s from harmful UV Rays.
  • Prevents Premature Aging.
  • Lowers Skin Cancer Risks.
  • Lowers Blotches on face.
  • Prevents Sunburns.
  • Prevents Tanning.
  • Enhances health of the skin.

How to use: Apply liberally to all exposed skin 30 minutes before sun exposure. Reapply after swimming and excessive sweating.

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