Regro Topical Solution 60ml

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Product Name: Regro Topical Solution 

Ingredients: Minoxidil 5%

Product TypeSolution / Spray

Pack Size: 60ml

Company: Martin Dow

Used For: Hair Regrowth

Product Detail 

Regro Topical Solution Prevents Further Hair Loss Regrows Hair Improves Hair Strength.

ReGro is a clear colorless to pale yellow solution which contains minoxidil which when applied topically has been shown to stimulate hair growth in individuals with hair loss for male and female. Observations suggest that the rate of balding progression may also be slowed by the use of this product.

How to use: Apply 1ml (6 puffs approx.) 2 times a day to hair loss area. Massage into scalp with fingers, then wash hands well. Use as directed by the physician or see package insert.