Relumin Face Mask 30gm

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Product Name: Relumin Face Mask 


  • Aloe vera extract
  • Gold Collagen
  • PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil

    Product TypeMask

    Pack Size: 30gm

    Company: AsraDerm 

    Product Detail 

    Relumin Face Mask is our most advanced clearing treatment and is known as the best glam glow mask for gaining perfect skin. The Aloe Vera extract and Hydrogenated Castor Oil help to remove dirt and excessive oil from the skin and purify pores. This face mask also gives you a full day of prime hydration.

    Our face mask has gold collagen properties. Both Gold and collagen are anti-aging agents, as they soothe redness and protect skin from free radicals, which eventually cause wrinkles. This face mask instantly clears the skin complexion and reduces hyperpigmentation.  

    This face mask works as a skin specialist on your skin and transforms your complexion into a fair, pinkish-white glow.

  • Remove the deep-seated dirt & dead skin
  • Intensely hydrate the skin
  • Helps in reducing dark spots
  • Gold is used as anti-aging. It increases the elasticity of the skin

    How to use: 

  • Wash face with normal water
  • Apply on the whole face with a gentle hand
  •  Rinse after 15 minutes

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