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Product Name:  SheVit Tablet

IngredientsVitamin A 2000 IU, Vitamin C 50 mg, Vitamin D 400 IU,  Vitamin E 30 IU , Vitamin B1 1.7 mg,  Vitamin B2 2 mg ,Niacin 20 mg,  Vitamin B6 2.5 mg, Folic acid 800 mcg, Vitamin B12 8 mcg, Calcium 200 mg,  Magnesium 100 mg,  Iron 65 mg, Zinc 22.5 mg

Product Type: Tablets

Pack size: 30's

Company: By Pharmevo

Used For

  • Supports General Wellbeing, hair growth, healthy skin and promotes good vision.
  • improves hemoglobin and helps in blood formation.
  • Helps in improving body's immunity.
  • Supports physical strength and overall vitality.
  • Helps in reducing vitamin and mineral deficiency before, during and after pregnancy.
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