Solace Sulphur Soap 90gm

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Product Name: Solace Sulphur Soap

Ingredients: Sulphur, Calendula

Product TypeSoap

Pack Size: 90gm

Company: Rafaq Pharma

Used For: itchy pruritic skin

Product Detail 

Solace Soap is a medicated cleanser helpful for the treatment of itchy, pruritic skin. It relieves itching, softens skin, restores skin suppleness.

A Unique Formula for rejuvenate skin, antiseptic and antifungal. Solace soap heals acne, cracked skin, sunburn and eczema.

How to use: After wetting with lukewarm water, apply Solace soap to the face, scalp or any affected areas and gently massage into a foamy lather. Rinse thoroughly after a few minutes and pat dry with a clean towel. Use product daily for best results.

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